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Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Youtube – Hound Dog

It’s 40 years since since I first heard Hendrix, I have never seen this. Jimi Hendrix playing Hound Dog on acoustic guitar. An absolute gem of a find. wow!

Thanks to John Francis for bringing it to my attention John Francis 



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8 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix Acoustic Youtube – Hound Dog

  1. Awesome… I never saw this vid… He was great with an acoustic guitar in his hands… Too bad he didn’t had the time to do more of these on records…

  2. She’s thirsty give her some acid…someone says. wow, funny. Jimi does a great job on this tune, I love this. I been watching this for years…

  3. Hendrix is rare to me & I think i know only one or two songs.. 🙂
    Lovely, Melodious Acoustic stuffs.. plus they’re having a gr8 time 😀

  4. All your video posts are great! Where do you find all these clips? Great blog…keep it up.

    Hendrix plays the acoustic like a Strat. I would have love to hear what he would have done if he had sonically explored the acoustic. I still think the “Hendrix of Acoustic” title still goes to Bert Jansch…


  5. What a great find! I can only imagine what Jimi could have done if only he lived a few more. He said that he saw music as colors… man what it would’ve been like to finger paint with him!

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