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Norman Savitt – Acoustic Guitar Player Part 2

Norman Savitt    

Norman Savitt

Here’s Part 2 of my posts about Acoustic Guitar Players.  
This one is about Norman Savitt 

To quote from the Balkan Records Site 

“Norman Savitt is a unique acoustic guitarist with a versatility, texture and expression that is distinct and timeless. His debut CD, “Norman Savitt and Friends”, brings Norman together with master musicians Howard Levy, Eugene Friesen, David Amram and Susan Mitchell, in a mix of duo and solo pieces, a “compelling musical mix of happy and meditative tunes, played with enjoyment, imagination and care… full of beautiful sounds and good feelings. ”

Normans guitar playing has a folkish, slight roots sort of feel to it, with a hint every now and then of  the great Celtic players, but it has a refreshing newness about it.  I’m a fan already only after one day. 

Here is Normans MySpace – Norman Savitt

To check out Normans CD  go to Balkan Samba Records 


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2 thoughts on “Norman Savitt – Acoustic Guitar Player Part 2

  1. to Norman

    congratulations of your well deserved reviews for your first recording.
    It was a pleasure to be part of it, and a treat to listen to.

    hopefully this will encourage other musicians of all genres to DO IT ON THEIR
    OWN, as you have done.

    In the history of Western Music, almost no one whose work has lasted started out with a big budget (or usually ANY budget) in order to fulfill what they wanted others to hear.
    Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Berlioz, Charlie Parker, Bessie Smith and Hank Williams all started out just like you. and they persevered!!

    So bravo to you norman, for showing the world that you have received a pardon from a lifetime sentence of solitary confinement in what i call The Penetentiary of ad Taste

    You are now a free man and your Cd shows others that NO ONE has to be incarcerated any more and spend a life time bummed out by indifference by unbusiness-like people who could never sing, dance or even relate totheir own children

    You are proof that you can DO IT YOUSELF!!

    And thanks to Norman Levy, Eugene Friesen and Susan Mitchell for their generosity in helping you to make your first recording.

    Look forward to the next one

    Keep on keepin’ on

    David Amram

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