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Voodoo Chile Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

Here is a simple and sensible Youtube Video Tutorial of an acoustic version of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile

gratitude to the publisher



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Antoine Dufour

Antoine Dufour – Acoustic Guitar  These Moments

Hammer ons, pull offs , taps, harmonics open tuning and beauty.

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Acoustic Guitar Youtube Duet

Beautiful Celtic Acoustic Guitar Duet played by Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock called ‘Dans Keff Avec” a tune from Brittany

For more brilliant Acoustic  Guitar listen to Antoine Dufour

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Bert Jansch Youtube

I only just got the news that the wonderful British Folk Guitar player Bert Jansch has gone to the big gig in the sky.

Kind thoughts to Friends and Family

More Bert Jansch  Youtube 

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Acoustic Guitar Bluegrass Youtube

Here’s a nice bit of Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar by Dave Grier and Wyatt rice

For more Acoustic Guitar check out Tony Rice

Tony Hogan

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Tommy Emmanuel Youtube – Rare Video

Duck Backer the great Acoustic Guitar player just posted this video of Tommy Emmanuel , Duck Baker and Buster B Jones. They are sitting around jamming to the jazz standard, Stomping at the Savoy, it’s very casual but some great guitar lines there back in 2000

For more Tommy Emmanuel check out Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Tutorial

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Emily and the Woods – Never Play Youtube

There are many acoustic guitar players who just want to play and sing and not necessarily play like virtuosos Vicente Amigo,  Pierre Bensusan, or Michael Hedges.  So I thought I’d do a number of short acoustic guitar articles / posts on some of the new singer guitarists who play material which sound  musical and is based around simple chord patterns.  The following tune is by Emily and the Woods called Never Play

Emily Woods on Myspace

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