Jack Johnson Youtube acoustic guitarist

This youtube video of Jack Johnson is so refreshing to hear, he plays just what’s necessary, simple acoustic rhythm guitar that holds the songs together.  Uncomplicated, melodic, a great lesson for us all when we take it all too seriously and need to come to basics of why we play music. The tune is called Better Together, if you know the name of the harp player please let me know, it’s great accompaniment and it’s an injustice not to mention the harp player.

To see Jack Johnson and Ben Harper together, go to Jack Johnson and Ben Harper




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3 responses to “Jack Johnson Youtube acoustic guitarist

  1. lj

    My beautiful son, Austin Joseph Ling, gave me this CD for Christmas a few years ago. I love him and I love this CD. Thanks JJ–my dream is to be able to afford to take Austin and his friends to one of your concerts…Austin is being deployed this June. I will always remember this song when he is gone. AJ’s Mom, Leslie

  2. Jack Johnson writes some of the most amazing songs. He is truly in a class of his own, and its nearly impossible to be in a bad mood while you listen to his melodic voice. I cant wait for his new album, because Sleep Through The Static was great!

  3. Jack Johnson is performing live the weekend of August 14th in Denver, at the Mile High Music Festival. If you can’t make it to Denver, you can watch the live concert feed for free at http://www.mycricket.com/mile-high-music-festival

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