Jose Gonzalez YoutUbe

Jose Gonzalez

I don’t usually include many nylon stringers in my posts, but this is worth hearing if you haven’t heard it. It is Jose Gonzalez the Swedish born musician of Argentian descent. The song is called Heartbeats. He’s capoed up at fret one, it’s extremely beautiful, played perfectly and is the vocal line works well against the guitar part.



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6 responses to “Jose Gonzalez YoutUbe

  1. Mike G

    Ah tight fingerpicking. He is very good. But I’ll stick to my pick.

  2. acousticguitarist

    Yeah mike, he has a great right hand technique. I spent a bit of time in Scandinavia in the early eighties and a lot of players played fingerstyle nylon string.

    I don’t mind whether it’s fingerstyle or plectrum, they both have advantages. For bluegrass and rock I always use a plectrum, on other stuff I’ll use fingers or a combination. I never liked using finger-picks much, I found that they changed the angle of my hand a little. I did try them for a while. I found that I had to steam the picks over hot water to soften them, then reshape and also file them down. Grinding them down on the carpet is the best way to file them, you end up with a good smooth picking area.


  3. Knew it wouldn’t be related to the Heartbeat TV theme, but still checked. Am not a guitar player. (Son is.) Your mention of the finger-picks has brought back something that my son tried to explain to me.

  4. Beautiful music, very peaceful. I like it.

  5. Flintafus

    Did you realise this song is actually a cover? Its originally by The Knife and in a very different electro style. I like the original too, but I think this is one of those few examples where the cover is even better than the original.

    Also, I’d like to congratulate you on this blog. I’ve only come across it this evening and have now spent about 2 hours trawling through the articles! 🙂

  6. acousticguitarist


    Thanks for the info on that song. I guess the sign of a good song and good musician is the ability to make something your own.

    You might like to visit one of my other blogs

    Cheers Tony

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