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Acoustic Guitar Video Youtube Antoine Dufour

Here’s a great Acoustic Guitar Video on Youtube by Antoine Dufour, extremely funky and percussive,  It’s called Drac and Friends

And if you liked that, check out this: Antoine Dufour Acoustic Guitar

Tony Hogan

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Acoustic Guitar Tapping Youtube

Here is a very interesting Acoustic Guitar video of a guitar player by the name of Justin King using acoustic guitar tapping techniques.  Justin has an album called Bleu.  To hear samples of Justins music, go to the website at the following address, Justin King

To hear another brilliant contemporary acoustic guitar players go to Acoustic Guitar Player, go to Antoin Dufour

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Everlast Youtube – What it’s Like

I first heard this tune by Everlast called What it’s like, a few years back when a guitar stdent I had said he wanted to learn it.  It’s very simple and that in itself is a great lesson in music. The lesson being is that many players over complicate music, why complicate something just to be clever.  I like this tune, it’s a handful of chords, the guitar part is seventy-ish but the vocal line and rhythm is sot of 90’s.   It’s a Dm chord at the beginning, do a bit of ear training and work out the rest. Note the slide up when he plays the middle bit.


Tony Hogan – Guitar Blogger

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Bob Dylan Youtube – Mr Tamborine Man

A week or so back I was standing in sa book shop in Byron Bay and this song came on and I was dumb-struck for a few minutes, I couldn’t leave until it was over.  Bob Dylan with his signature harp sound and 12 fret to the body parlor guitar.  I am not sure if it has the same affect on people that never grew up with this song.  It’s beauitiful in itsrawness, what I like is the story telling lyric which pulls you in.   It’s another few chord wonder.


For another great old video check out Led Zeppelin Acoustic

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Worlds Best Spiritual Music Singer Songwriter

Steven Walters  - So Many Blessings  

Steven Walters - So Many Blessings

The Worlds Best Spiritual Music, yeah that’s a big call.

I’m writing this article not as an advertisement, this blog site doesn’t advertise.   A few years back a friend sent me two CD’s by a man called Steven Walters.  Quite frankly I will unashamedly say he is the Worlds Best at what he does.  He is a singer songwriter who plays a Gurian Guitar ( I’ve got one two) , his music is from the same sort of stream as James Taylor etc , great simple guitar and a beautiful voice, it’s very gentle style and the lyrics are Eastern in thought.  But don’t let that get in your way, this guy is sensible, non-preachy and if you let his music wash over you when you listen to it, it can be very uplifting.

One album is called So Many Blessings, in a way very soothing and could be used by people as healing music, for listening when you want the world to feel a bit sweeter or are suffering in some way.  If you click the link you can check out his samples  recommend you listen to the song called Nothing Less than Everything 

His other album is a live one and is called Just This Moment.  It’s live in Santa Fe, and he gets pretty funny at times, I particularly like Jungs Blues.  

I hope Steven does mind me rating his music so highly on the Web, his music is not ego based.  I don’t even know the guy apart from once emailing him to let him know how good his music is.

Tony Hogan


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Bela Fleck Youtube Flecktones

This is the first time I’ve posted a youtube to this guitar blog that didn’t have an acoustic guitar in it but I couldn’t resist this one with Bela Fleck the contemporary banjo player playing banjo.  Bela Fleck has worked with numerass Bluegrass and NewGrass (modern Bluegrass that ventures out a little more) and he has also worked with a number of World Musicians, such as Vishwan Mohan Bhatt.  In keeping with my policy at my sites, I’m not going to stick with one style of music because it’s possible to inspired from numerous styles.

That’s Victor Wooten on bass and I’m sure it’s Paul McCandless from the band Oregon on Soprano Sax