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Poco youTube with Timothy B Schmit

Poco – Rose of Cimarron with Eagles bass player

Poco was a band that had some brilliant musicians over the years.  If you look closely at the bass player in this youtube video you’ll notice it’s none other than the Eagles bass player Timothy B Schmit, not only a bass player but has always sung tremendous harmony.  Some of you may be familiar with Poco, if not think ‘musical legends’.  Rusty Young, Richie Furay, Randy Meisner,  Jim Messina from Loggins and Messina, Paul Cotton all passed through Poco.  Mi favourite albums were  Head Over Heels and Blue and Gray.  I guess many people have wondered why they never had the same status as Crosby Stills Nash and Young, , Eagles or America in the seventies, their contribution was equal to any of the other acoustic country rock bands.  They get my vote.

NOTE:  As one kind reader pointed out, Paul Cotton and Rusty Young are still performing with Poco.

For David Crosby solo, check this youtube video of David Crosby



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6 thoughts on “Poco youTube with Timothy B Schmit

  1. Wow!!! That was fantastic. Thanks. Just saw Timothy a few weeks ago here in NJ with the Eagles. He still is adorable.

  2. David

    The guitar vocals is Paul Cotton.

    The album came out in 1976, unfortunately I can’t date the performance.

    My favourite Poco album is Head Over Heels.
    I’m surprised that this band was not more successful


  3. This group was overlooked during their time and that’s a shame. Timothy’s voice is one of the best and most recognizable in music today. RW

  4. I could never never quite work out why they never made it bigger, I guss they were too country. I like the Head Over Heels album and also Blue and Gray. All there stuff is good but there’s were my favourites


  5. Regarding, “Poco was a band that had some brilliant musicians over the years”. Poco *is* a band, and Cotton and Young have not “passed through” Poco. They are still there.

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