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David Crosby youTube Acoustic Guitar

This youtube features David Crosby.   Crosby, the first name in the awesome band Crosby, Stills, Nash and later on, Young.  He may not have had the same success solo as did Neil Young, but it was his solo stuff and material with Graham Nash that I always was most fascinated by.  His voice and his open tuning guitar wer a perfect combination.  David Crosby was a former member of the Byrds, think ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ and ‘Hey Mr Tambourine Man’ , he band also included Gene Clark and Roger McGuinn.  The harmonies of the Byrds and later on CSN set the standard for other bands, who could forget their version of Woodstock and Wooden Ships.  It would be correct to say I love this guys musicality and if you aren’t aware of his solo material check him out.  

Note: David Crosby and his buddies would often use open tunied guitars.

Here is his Official Website – David Crosby

This David Crosby youtube is called A Thousand Roads

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7 thoughts on “David Crosby youTube Acoustic Guitar

  1. Ken

    Did you ever hear the Crosby Nash album ‘Wind on the Water’? the Mama lion song was great


  2. you’re right about david crosby; i was raised during the 60s; i wasn’t even yet a teenager by 1969 when csny came into the fold; but today almost 40 years later, their music seems more relevant than ever, and just as sweet. The cool thing is that I think Crosby’s tenor – the quality of his voice – is better now than back then. He’s not a young man; but he sings like one.

  3. Visnan

    Crosby’s voice is the sweetest. He’s can still get up there as well. I liked his song called Music is Love off his olo album


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