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Voodoo Chile Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

Here is a simple and sensible Youtube Video Tutorial of an acoustic version of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile

gratitude to the publisher



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Laurence Juber Youtube – Acoustic Blues Guitar

If you like Acoustic Blues, I’d recommend that you check out this Laurence Juber Youtube Video.  It’s rather soulful.  You may or may not know Laurence Juber.  He has a member of Paul McCartney’s Wings.   One very iinteresting thing about his style is he plays fingerstyle with no nails.   He is very well respected amongst agoustic guitar players and held in very high regard, I’m not surprised.  Unfotrtunately I am not sure who the double bass player my apologies on this matter as it is nce to respect the contribution of all players.  

Here is a link to Laurence Jubers site.

For some other Blues Guitar check out Stefan Grossman playing an acoustic blues tutorial

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Don Ross youTube – Acoustic Guitar

Don Ross is an exceptional acoustic guitar player.  It’s almost politically incorrect these days to say ýou should’  but I’ll say it anyway, you should hear this guy. He use a thumbpick and fingers, lots of harmonics hammers and taps with his picking hand, he’s probably one of the most confident players I’ve heard.  He’s one of the many brilliant musicians to have come out of Canada.


This song is called Michael, Michael, Michael


You might also enjoy Pierre Bensusan, one of Micheal Hedges favorite players


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Blues Scales – Learn Guitar – TAB and Dots

Have you ever been frustrated when people are playing a Blues and you’re not sure what scales and notes you can use to solo with?

Suffer no longer.

If you’ve been playing guitar for sometime, and don’t know these simple blues scales, I advise that you get stuck into them straight away.  I’ve done the basic blues scales in five keys: C , G, D, A, and E.  The fingers I’ve used are on one of many possibilities.  If you are new to my site and have played blues scales before, you’ll notice I’ve used some unusual fingerings, this IS intentional.  As a rule guitarists get lazy and sit and meander through scales, running fingers up and down the neck with out too much thought, that way of doing things has little to do with music and a lot to do with mechanics…I can’t stand it.  These fingers are designed to make you think and feel the notes.  Avoid playing like a robot.  you’ll notice that the D scale is moveable, it’s more in the traditional way of playing scales and if you aren’t careful you may find yourself not thinking too much about this one. 

Concentrate, turn of the television, listen to the texture of the notes.  I particularly like the use of open notes in scales, they are tremendous on acoustic guitar.


Blues Scales - Learn Guitar

Click the blue link for the Printable Version of essential blues scales for guitar

For Country Blues Scales that are usable over thousands of songs go to:


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Jerry Reed youTube acoustic guitar

Jerry Reed is a singer guitarist and songwriter….and even an actor.  He had hits with a song called Guitar Man, a song that Elvis Presley covered,  as well as receiving a Grammy, recording a hit called Amos Moses.  He has apperaed with the legend Chet Atkins and numerous others. 

He’s a sensational country guitarist, his style is easily recognizable. 
About 25years ago I went into a guitar shop to buy a Gibson 335, when I check out new guitars I’ll generally play tunes that involve playing from one end of the fretboard to another.  There’s a song that was written by Stefan Grossman in the style of Jerry Reid.  I played the Grossman tune and when I’d finished, the guitarman callked out from the back of the shop, play some more Jerry Reid, That’s how distunguishable his sound is. 

The information that I write about on this guitar blog site is not strictly for one style or level of musicianship, it is designed to cover all styles, solo as well as accompaniment, fingerstyle as well as plectrum guitar.   This tune makes me laugh… oh yes and the other player of course is… Chet.



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Acoustic Blues Mance Lipscomb youTube

Most guitar players have heard of Lighning Hopkins, Muddy Waters, B B King, Robert Johnson but one legendary player that may have slipped past you is Mance Lipscomb.  This tune is the Classic Baby Please Don’t Go.

If you’d like to see Lightning Hopkins doing classic acoustic blues guitar go to:

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Kaki King Youtube

I first became aware of the guitar player Kaki King when I read a Frets magazine a couple of years back, it had an article about her, in it they said she was one of the most interesting guitarists since Michael Hedges, that was enough for me to take notice.  Her technique is worth watching, it’s unconventional but that’s how music forges ahead,  throw the rule book out of the window.   This youtube video of her is very good and the tune stands up,  she’s playing an Ovation guitar.  The Ovations came to the fore in the mid seventies because they were one of the best acoustics to you in a live situation. For me, this tune is a little Hedgesish  (as in Michael Hedges style).



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