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Eric Clapton Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Sunshine of Your Love

Recently I’ve been looking at the idea of playing a Blues version of Sunshine of Your Love the classic Cream song.  I had a look around to see whether anyone had done anything musical and interesting with the tune.  Amongst what I found was Eric Clapton doing an acoustic version and I thought it would be of interest to readers.  He hasn’t moved too far from the original but I must say it is a lot better than what I’ve heard in the music shops for the last 40 years.

Also of Note, the new John Butler Trio album will be out next week or so, I’ll be listening to it today and doing a review in the next day or so.



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8 thoughts on “Eric Clapton Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Sunshine of Your Love

  1. This acoustic version sounds just as awesome to the original, of course the original will always be the “original”. Clapton will be going at it forever. He should get his percussionist to make some more gold!

  2. Love the acoustic version on “Sunshine of your love!” thanks for sharing that, I’ve always been a big fan of Clapton, especially his acoustic stuff. Just ran across your blog today and I like what see! Keep it up. If you know of any good blogs or sites for builders of acoustic guitars I’d love to hear about them. I started my first build last spring and hope to be done by summer.

  3. Hello,

    Based on the music you seem to be interested in, you might be interested in a documentary called “The Wrecking Crew.” It profiles a bunch of session musicians that backed up performers such as Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, The Monkees and more.

    Check out the website. There are a bunch of outtakes, reviews, a trailer and more. You can also enter to win a free Ovation guitar or a 3 hour recording session. The film hasn’t gotten distribution yet so we’re trying to give it some exposure.


  4. Clapton it is! Wonderfully played. Wish someone transcribed this acoustic Version of Sunshine Of Your Love.

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