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Harmonic Minor Scale in G

Here is a Harmonic Scale in G.  You’ll notice the Harmonic Minor scales have a slight middle Eastern sound; two reasons, one because it has a minor third instead of a major and two because the gap between the sixth and seventh notes of the scale are one and a half tones apart.  Whereas in most other scales the intervals are usually one or two tones. 

The first version of the Harmonic Minor scale that I have written is moveable up the fretboard, the second one is sourt of sweet sounding because of using the open notes.

To download the printable version click the link harmonic_minor

Harmonic Minor Scale TAB and Music Notation
Harmonic Minor Scale TAB and Music Notation



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One thought on “Harmonic Minor Scale in G

  1. I love a Middle-Eastern sound on a Minor scale. Sometimes I don’t think there’s enough of that on the guitar scene. Interested to find out what this sounds like.


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