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Martin Carthy Youtube Open Tuning Guitar Tutorial

Recently I’ve posted about a number of British guitar players, todays acoustic guitar video article is about Martin Carthy, a very good open tuning guitarist.  The song is called the Siege of Delhi (not a very nice piece of British history), it is a march and is in the tuning of CGCDGA,  it’s in 2/4 time and uses a lot of alternating thumb work.  Martin plays a lot of traditional music, but his ability to adapt it to open tunings on guitar separates him out from other players, his tunings are highly unusually and are a long way from the standard D,  E , G open tunings.  The first part of the video he plays the tune, then he dissects it.

for another great player on video check out Don Ross


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Acoustic Guitar – Twelve Bar Blues Riff

This weeks post is a twelve bar Blues in G, it’s reasonably simple and can be played at various tempos.  I have posted it in the past but have now made it available to a broader audience by re-uploading it so it can be accessed more easily, also I have changed the formatting a litlle so it sits nicer on the page.  There are a couple of twists in it,  one at he end of bar 8 so it can move chromatically to the D note in bar 9.  Also at bar 10 it stays on the D chord instead of dropping to the C chord and in the final bar, be ready to play the last four notes or you’ll miss them.

You could do this in a Rockabilly, Country Rock,  Bluegrass or slow Blues style.  It is just a foundation riff to build on.

For other useful guitar educational material, check out my other site The Guitars Net

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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Above the Braeside

Recently I posted a number of simple acoustic guitar arrangements which were reasonably simple to play and great for helping guitar players develop their repertoires and were they also designed to help players move away from playing straight chords.  By breaking songs up into simple melodies and oyther basic moving parts, the melody stands out a little more and it becomes much more interesting to the listener (even if the listener has no idea what is going on).

An Australian guitar player by he name of Steve Gadd based in Tasmania has been very kind enough to allow me to post a few of his arrangements for acoustic fingerstyle guitar and make them available to guitar players.  (Thanks Steve).  Steve and Marjorie have a website, check out what they are up to at Music Tasmania I also heard a whisper that Steve has been in the studio lately, I’ll keep you posted on that as well in the near future.

The tune is called Above the Braeside

For other simple acoustic arrangements Acoustic Guitarist Fingerstyle

I will also be posting other arrangements here in the near future

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Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Tutorial for Guitar

Here’s Tommy Emmanuel doing an Acoustic Guitar Video on Youtube. This has some great practical ideas on how to practice.

So simple and sensible

And here’s Tommy reinventing Classical Gas Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Classical Gas

Tony Hogan

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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 5 Danny Boy

Here is Part Five of my Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements in TAB and music Notation.

This one is the old Irish tune, Danny Boy also called the Londonderry Air.  This is in the key of C, as usual I have kept it reasonably simple.  This is a two page arrangement.

Danny Boy Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Tab and Music Notation

Danny Boy Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Tab and Music Notation

Here is the the Printable Version DannyBoy Acoustic Finger Style Guitar TAB and Notation

Here is the computer generatedMidi File Danny Boy Midi File


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Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 3 – Marees Wedding

Here is Part 3 of my Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements.  This is a tune called Maree’s Wedding (Marie’s Wedding), an old Irish tune with the words “Step we gaily on we go etc “.  

I’ve thrown it into the key of E so I’d be able to stay in normal tuning.   What I’ve also done is eliminate all the chords and just imply them, it is only a melody line and a very simple bass part.  When I studied with a guy called Don Andrews about 35 years ago, he would always create arrangements with one or two small things to push the skll level of the guitarist a little further, I have done the same here.  In this tune, I’ve written it in such a way that the player has to move around the fretboard just a little, this sort of adds a little bounce to the tune and forces the player to be foused. if everything was stuck at the same fret, the player is more inclined to go into automatic mode.

To view and or download the printable Acrobat reader version click here Marees_Wedding

EDIT//: Bar 9, 3rd beat move to fret 4

Marees Wedding

Marees Wedding

I’ve added a midi file, a compuer generated music file to give the listener an idea of the tune.  I realize that many players only read TAB, please add expression, personality and your own phrasing Marees Wedding

Click here for Part One of the Acoustic Guitar Arrangements 


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Acoustic Fingerstyle Arrangement Part 2

Last week I wrote an Acoustic Finger Style GuitarArrangement of an old Irish Tune. This week I’ve done another reasonably simple acoustic guitar arrangement of another old Irish ballad called the Water is Wide.

The arrangement I’ve done of this is very different to the last one I did. The Water is Wide is a beautiful song which I have sung and played for about a dozen years or so now, I had never considered doing it until I heard James Taylor do a great version of it.

ABOUT the ARRANGEMENT: Originally I was going to upload a very different version. When I sing and play the tune I play a solo guitar arrangement in the middle as a guitar break. When I started looking closely at what I was going to upload I realised I didn’t particularly like the movement of the bass part, it seemed to be rather weak, so I spent about three hours modifying it so the bass part was more musical and flowing. So the emphasis, strangely enough on this piece which has a very beautiful melody, is the bass part. If you isolate it, and play it you’ll notice what I mean. I could take it further but I needed a cut off point. There is minimal chord playing in this tune but that’s what I wanted. At some time in the future I will transcribe a version of it whch is closer to what I normally play, more folk blues.

This version is very bare bones, if I were to play it as a tune there’d be a lot more fills and arpeggios etc, but if I were to transcribe that it would look too complex and scare peole off, so I’ll just submit the underlying idea for you to build on and modify accrdingly.

Playing arrangements will strengthen your playing , a lot of good players will recommend learning to play tunes instead of just chords, riffs, blues scales and solos.

Water is Wide Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

Water is Wide Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

Here’s the printable version Water_is Wide

To hear the midi file version click the link 

Water is Wide – Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement

( Midi files are not real audio files they are just a computer generated equivalent, this will give you an idea of the sound of the tune if your reading skills are still developing). Please add feeling and personality.

The previous Fingerstyle Arrangement can be found at the following link

Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement

Tony Hogan


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