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Sixties Songs Small Faces Itchycoo Park

The Small Faces sang Itchycoo Park is a classic sixties song. I’ve included in my acoustic guitar blog because I feel it is relevant, ok I’m cheating, I can hear an acoustic guitar in the intro. And really it’s too important to leave out. I just love the chorus and the phasey sound at about 60 seconds and also the call and response both in the verse and chorus.  Enjoy the youtUbe of Itchycoo Park

The band included the very almost famous Steve Marriot, he went on to form Humble Pie the great rock band.


If you find where I can get one of those outfits please let me know.



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One thought on “Sixties Songs Small Faces Itchycoo Park

  1. Thank you for this. My favourite song of all time. Saw Stevie Marriott when he was with Humble Pie and the Faces (with Rod Stewart) but unfortunately never the “proper” Small Faces

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