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Rockabilly Blues for Guitar – Part 2 of 3

Rockabilly Blues for Guitar is the second of my three part TAB and Music Notation design to get the fingers going and get you playing a few riffs that you would never have played.  They will sound familiar because I’ve written them around standard chord patterns and riffs.  you’ll notice a few twists.  A great way of learning is to play something that is within your ability but also have a small part that will push you a little.   What is comfortable for one player is not so easy for another.  It’s good to get your fingers into new positions that you wouldn’t come up with yourself, this helps you to break old habits.

OK, lets have a look at this. The second bar starts to mirror bar 1 but goes up an octave.

Bars 3 and 4 are just repeats. 

When we go up to the C chord in bar 5, we start moving up and then back down in bar 6. 

Bar 7 and 8 are repeats of 1 and 2

Bar 9 is a similar riff to bar 1 but playing of the D chord

Bar 10 is exactly the same as bar 9 but down a whole tone.

Bar 11 bar is similar to bar 1 but goes up to the G note. Cut that note short

Bar 12 has the turnaround D7th chord but NOTE: it cmes in on beat 2 and a half ( count 1 and 2 and)

This Rockabilly Blues is very usable if you play it in time and with feeling. 
Rockabilly Blues for Guitar Part 2

Click the link for the printable version of rockabilly_blues_in_g_part_2

Here is the link for Part 1 Rockabilly Blues Guitar

Part 3 is coming soon as I write it, within the next 4 days