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Ralph Towner Youtube – Icarus

Ralph Towner the guitarist from the band Oregon, the brilliant improvisational quartet, holds a place in the Earths history and the expeditions to the moon.  When the Apollo astronauts travelled to the moon they had a cassette of Ralph Towners music.  They ended up naming two of the Moons craters after his tunes Icarus and Ghost Beads.  Ralph Towner came to the fore in the mid 70’s on the ECM jazz label.  What seperated Ralph Towner out from other players was he played predominatly nylon string guitar and twelve string acoustic.  

The following youtube is a verson of his tune Icarus that he plays with two other guitarists, Slava Grigoryan and Wolfgang Muthspiel. That’s Ralph in the middle.


If you want to hear Ralph at his most beautiful best on a classical guitar, have a listen to The Reluctant Bride