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Blues and Country Guitar Scales

Blues and Country Guitar Scales are easy to play.  I have written a  number of them in normal tuning.  You will find them at they are in a printable format Acrobat Reader .pdf and are free to download. There are also simple instructions on how to use them e.g. which chords to play them over 

PLEASE NOTE:  I have recently done a TAB and Music Notation at this site

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DADGAD BLUES arrangements

Lastest updates of my DADGAD Blues and other arrangements are:

Four fingerstyle blues that are simple and musical.  There are a few twists that might be challenging for some players.

 An old folk song called Gypsy Rover with a simple bass part.

 Amazing Grace with a bluesy feel, a bit of new life breathed into it.

A 3 octave D blues scale, more of a rock style fingering.

 And also an Eastern sounding scale.

 Go to they are free tab and music notation in DADGAD downloadable in pdf format