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Country Guitar Scale in the Key of A – Part 2

The Country Guitar Scale as I mentioned in my previous Country Guitar Scale article is none other than an F# Minor Blues scale starting on A.  Because there is a relationship between F sharp minor and the key of A major it works beautifully.

Try using a standard chord pattern like A F#m D E7, one bar for each and see how thie scale fits.

I’ve started the scale on A, wheras in my previous article I started on the F sharp.  The descending part has a  variation in it to make it more interesting than the the standard up down scales that make guitar players dizzy and turn them into great scale players but lousy musicians.

Guitar Lesson Country Guitar Scale

To download the printable version (adobe acrobat format) click on the following link: a_country_scale1

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Guitar Lesson – Left Hand Exercise

I’ve uploaded a left hand (lefties the other left) guitar exercise, it is designed to strengthen the fretting hand, there is TAB and musical notation available in print format. It is quite simple to do this guitar exercise because it is just using fingers 1 and 2 across all  the strings, and then fingers 1 and 3, and lastly fingers 1 and 4.

 The Secret to this one is to keep the fingers that you AREN’T using, very close to the fretboard without touching the strings.  To be quite frank, I don’t think that this is a very musical exercise but it is one of the best ways I know to develop speed in the left hand.

 Once you have done the whole exercise at the first fret on the guitar, then move up one fret to the next one and so on.  I guarantee that if you do this exercise properly everyday for a week, your left hand fluency will develop incredibly.

Guitar Lesson - Left hand Exercise for developing speed

Click the link to download the printable version

Guitar Lesson – exercise to develop the fretting hand