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The Gap Between the Worlds mp3

Dedicated To My Son Joshua (1980 – 1999)

A few years ago I recorded a piece of music called ‘The Gap Between the Worlds’ it seems a relevant time to share it with my friends. It’s in open-tuning and is a little ambient and has a certain amount of beauty in it.

To add beauty to the world is a worthwhile thing. we all don’t see the same things as beautiful, but to me this is. The song is in an mp3 format.

There is something extraordinary about having children, a part of us living on when we quietly leave the stage of life. To have a child that leaves before us no doubt is the greatest fear of any parent. As a parent that has met with this experience I feel qualified to discuss it from the point of view where what I say is potent and maybe useful to others that may go through this experience.

Children are a gift; we hold them gently in our care for sometime, we welcome them with open arms and if we are to live in happiness we must be prepared to let them walk freely from the world when it is their time to go. If we don’t do this we can find ourselves in a prison house of grief. This prison house will prevent us to live our own life’s journey in a way that is fitting for the gift of life that we have been given.

Where there is pain, there is clinging; clinging or attachment to things that we know do not last, regardless how deep our love may be for that thing, experience or person. Those that love us and have moved into forever only wish us well and wish to have us live in joy, not suffering for what might have been.

So today is the Birthday of my child that moved from this world in 1999, and I will not pretend that sadness doesn’t swallow me at times, but I will say I have the duty to myself and those around me to take the wisdom from my sons passing and seek to embrace the moments that I have here in this life and live them with the value that they deserve.

And the only Path worth following is one with a Heart and that is the Gap Between Worlds.

Tony Hogan

To listen click: The Gap Between the Worlds

 And here is another piece recorded shortly after my son moved on:  The Bardo