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Acoustic Guitar Youtube Duet

Beautiful Celtic Acoustic Guitar Duet played by Steve Baughman and Robin Bullock called ‘Dans Keff Avec” a tune from Brittany

For more brilliant Acoustic  Guitar listen to Antoine Dufour


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John Renbourn Youtube Celtic Guitar

If you are a guitar player who has lived this long and not heard John Renbourn play acoustic guitar, you have missed one of the great acoustic guitar players of our time.  He was a member of the British folk band Pentangle and has inspired thousands of guitar players for the last 30 years or more.  In this video recording, he is playing the traditional tunes South Wind and Blarney Pilgrim.  Although John’s music often gets categorized as Celtic, he plays music which far surpasses genres.

To hear more John Renbourn with Stefan Grossman, check out Renbourn and Grossman doing a contemporary jazz tune Goodbye Pork Pie Hat


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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Above the Braeside

Recently I posted a number of simple acoustic guitar arrangements which were reasonably simple to play and great for helping guitar players develop their repertoires and were they also designed to help players move away from playing straight chords.  By breaking songs up into simple melodies and oyther basic moving parts, the melody stands out a little more and it becomes much more interesting to the listener (even if the listener has no idea what is going on).

An Australian guitar player by he name of Steve Gadd based in Tasmania has been very kind enough to allow me to post a few of his arrangements for acoustic fingerstyle guitar and make them available to guitar players.  (Thanks Steve).  Steve and Marjorie have a website, check out what they are up to at Music Tasmania I also heard a whisper that Steve has been in the studio lately, I’ll keep you posted on that as well in the near future.

The tune is called Above the Braeside

For other simple acoustic arrangements Acoustic Guitarist Fingerstyle

I will also be posting other arrangements here in the near future

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