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Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar

William Cumpiano Guitar Maker

Cumpiano Acoustic Guitar
Cumpiano Acoustic Guitar

About 15 years ago I became interested in Guitar Making, at the time I went and did a Guitar Construction Course and in my quest for further information I came upon  a number of books, one that stood out was a boo by William Cumpiano and Jonathon Natelson called Guitarmaking.  It is so thorough I would have to say it has set the benchmark for all others that follow. 

As guitar players, whether we build, repair or just play guitar, it is worth getting an understanding on what makes a good guitar.  Playing scales, learning tunes, recording, giging is all very well but looking under the bonnet is a very healthy thing to do, the instruments you play can make a massive difference to how you play.   Getting a bit of an education in Guitar Construction is highly advisable, especially for when you buy a guitar, regardless of price range, being informed is good, you may very well be playing the wrong or looking for the wrong guitar to suit your needs.  

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