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Seventies Style Acoustic Guitar Part 2

Acoustic guitar players in the seventies often played a lot of musical cliches, no problem really, it is really common to all styles.  I’ve written a reasonably simple chord pattern with a descending bass part.  Whenm you play it you’ll say, oh where have I heard that?  The answer is everywhere.

The first bar is a standard sort of pattern built around a D major chord, after playing the D chord then the bass notes step down on the A string (fifth string). You’ll notice I’ve included the left hand fingering in the Guitar TAB. 

Then in the second bar we play a G chord and step down a couple of frets ans on the last beat we play an A7th chord to lead us back to the D chord. 

Here’s why you need to learn the basic stuff.  It will help you develop your ears, when you play with others you will automicaly run on auto because you’ll HEAR the chord changes, this will free you up to be creative and musical.   A lot of players are in a hurry to play technical things and miss the foundations.  Be aware of that issue, if you want to be good player, take your time, get a good understanding of everything.

D Chord Moving Bass Parts For Guitar


The printable version in TAB and Music Notation is available, this is free, no strings attached (joke huh)  d_chord-bass_parts

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