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How to Improve Your Guitar Playing

These So many guitar players want to improve their guitar playing but ignore some fundamental things.  Here are some tips that are easily missed by inexperienced players.

  1. Learn the notes on the fretboard
  2. Learn the sound / texture of chord types
  3. Learn how to hum and play simple melodies
  4. Learn something new every day
  5. Listen to all styles for inspiration
  6. Play music not theory, it might be clever but if it sounds terrible, why bother?
  7. Learn to play slowly and in time
  8. Learn each song in a couple of keys if possible
  9. Learn to memorise songs
  10. Don’t compare yourself to others or criticise

These things may seem simple  but they are things that are highly worth considering

Tony Hogan


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Jam With Google Chrome

This is an interesting concept and had to happen sooner or later, jamming with Google Chrome

Google Chrome Jamming 

I will go in and test it at some point soon when I come up for air.

Haven’t been blogging for a couple of years but I am back  and will be posting regularly at my blogs after a couple of years off.  And why wouldn’t I as these were recocgnised as the best acoustic guitar blogs in the world by the other guitar bloggers.

NBC News Jamming With Google Chrome article


tony Hogan

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T Bone Walker Blues Guitar Youtube

This is a wonderful Blues on semi-acoustic guitar with T Bone Walker and Shakey Jake on vocals

for  more Blues check out Mississipi John Hurt

Tony Hogan

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Acoustic Guitar Bluegrass Youtube

Here’s a nice bit of Bluegrass Acoustic Guitar by Dave Grier and Wyatt rice

For more Acoustic Guitar check out Tony Rice

Tony Hogan

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Country Blues Guitar Scales

Acoustic Guitar Country Blues players:  Thought I’d republish this doco of Scales which I put together a couple of years back.  The fingerings of some are little unusual, and my reasons for doing them this way is intentional just to create a little more interest and snapping the mind out of its normal patterns.  How you apply them is the next step, I will write a simple article about that soon.


Tony Hogan

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Voodoo Chile Youtube Acoustic Guitar – Tony Hogan

Voodoo Chile on Acoustic Guitar by Jimi Hendrix, played by Tony Hogan.

For a couple of years I’ve promoted a few hundred other guitar players on my Acoustic Guitar blog sites of all different standards and styles, some famous and some unknown. So I thought it was time to show something of myself, as I am not an online music journalist or promoter, I am someone who loves the guitar and am also a musician who likes to share information about the acoustic guitar.  I also added John Martyn’s “Don’t Want to Know About Evil” at the end of it.

This recording was done in a small hall with about 100 people in Northern NSW Australia, not far from Byron Bay. I had barely sung for ten years due to the death of my oldest son Joshua because I felt extremely vulnerable at the idea of performing and singing. So I thought it fitting to play this song Voodoo Chile for him and also the many other Australian teenagers who suicide each year. I hope that all the young people out there can have happy healthy lives and we can help create a safe environment for them to grow into beautiful adult human beings.

Peace and good wishes to all


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Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangement – Part 4 Down By Sally Gardens

Here is Part 4 of my Acoustic Guitar Fingerstyle Arrangements.  It’s a traditional song called Down By Sally Gardens.  I’ve put this into the key of G so it  is easy enough to play.  It is a two page chart in TAB and music notation.  The first section on page one is a standard bass and melody part, wheras page two has a slight variation around the the theme.  There were quite a few variation options but I think what I have written works well, you may like to create your own versions, when you play solo guitar, nothing is set in stone and there’s always room for reinterpreting a piece of music.  

Down By Sally Gardens

Down By Sally Gardens

Here is a link to the computer generated midi file to give you a rough idea of the way the bass and melody parts work together and to help guitar players who concentrate more on TAB than reading dots.  Remember, a human would phrase this a bit more musically.

MIDI FILE – Down By Sally Gardens Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

To access or download the  quality printable adobe pdf version of the song click   Down by Sally_Gardens

I really enjoyed arranging this, I hope you get plenty from this tune.

Tony Hogan – Acoustic Guitar Blogger –  Guitar Player – SEO


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