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Rory Gallagher Youtube Acoustic Slide Guitar

Rory Gallagher ( 1948 – 1995) was an Irish guitar player who became  popular in the late sixties, while playing with his trio Taste, he went on to have greater success in the seventies and was named Musician of the year in 1972 by Melody Maker mag (ahead of Eric Clapton).  He was much loved for his electric blues playing on a Stratocaster.  He continued playing and touring  until his death in 1995.

In this Acoustic Slide Guitar Video on Youtube, Rory is playing the Blues classic, Can’t Be Satisfied.

Information about Rory go to Wikipedia Rory Gallagher

For other great Slide Guitar, check out Jerry Douglas


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John Butler Youtube Tutorial – One Way Road

Acoustic Guitar Tutorial of How to Play John Butler’s – One Way Road.

It’s played on a National guitar on his lap, it is in G Major tuning DGDGBD and he uses a slide, with a mix of strumming and harmonics.   This is a fantastic tutorial, complete with lounge chair

The right hand is finger picked and at a quick glance the underlying structure of the chords is  G D E5 C, in the mid section it has sort of  an a Am and Bm type of sound to it, the chords aren’t necessarily all played but are implied..  There’s some great riffs in it that are built around a G pentatonic scale with a little bit of a Bluegrass texture to it.

Here’s a link to the One Way Road tutorial in a larger size video John Butler One Way Road

Also note that new John Butler Album will be out very soon.


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Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar Making Youtube

When I saw this short youtube of a Weissenborn lap steel guitar being made by Ellis guitars, I just had to post a short article about it.  These days you’ll notice that Ben Harper has resurrected them and many of the the roots and blues players have now followed suit and are playing slide guitar, not a lot with weissenborn style, but plenty with resonator guitars.  The music accompanying this beautiful instrument which to me looks like it is made from fiddleback blackwood is played by Andrew Winton.

To check out more info about Ellis Guitars based on the West Coast of that beautiful little island called Australia go to Ellis Guitars

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Jerry Douglas Youtube Slide Guitar

Jerry Douglas for many years now has been regarded as one of the top players in his field, resonator slide guitar.  It’s about 30 years since I first heard him and to watch play in numerous diverse line ups has only proved how brilliant he really is, from the straight Country, to New Blugrass with Edgar Meyer and Russ Barenburg,  I even saw a video of him playing with New York Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell.  You only need to hear one or two notes and you’ll know it’s him.  So today I thought it would be good to do a short post about Jerry Douglas youtube video  and expose his talents to people that may not normally listen to his style, which in truth is quite broad.   It’s a medley of tunes, the second one was recorded on an album Skip Hop Wobble. Resonator Guitar at it’s best!


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