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Antoine Dufour

Antoine Dufour – Acoustic Guitar  These Moments

Hammer ons, pull offs , taps, harmonics open tuning and beauty.


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In Memory of Joshua

Today is the anniversary of my oldest s child passing away.  About 10 years ago I recorded a song in the dark in my bedroom on an ADAT on a guitar I made.  I had wanted to express the emotions I was feeling at the time. It is rather loose in structure and was originally to be a slo guitar piece.  At the time my intention was never to make the tune for public listening, but  as it is a milestone in my life I have decided to share it.

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The title of the tune comes from the Buddhist Tradition.  The Bardo is the gap between the worlds.

Tony Hogan

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Preston Reed – Youtube Video

Here’s an interesting video by acoustic guitar virtuoso Preston Reed, the tune is called Tractor Pull. It includes hammer ons, pull offs, artificial harmonics and tapping.  this will be of great interest to acoustic guitar enthusiasts that like players such as Andy Mcgee, Don Ross and Michael Hedges.

To check out Preston Reed’s site go to Preston Reed


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Antoine Dufour Video Youtube

Here is a very beautiful Acoustic Guitar tune by Antoine Dufour, the Canadian guitar player.  It is called ‘In my own Rhythms’

For more brilliant acoustic guitar check out Antoine Dufour


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Antoine Dufour Harp Guitar Youtube

Here’s Antoine Dufour on Harp Guitar and Tommy Gauthier on violin playing an original composition called Solitude.  Whereas many of the guitar tappers do acrobats and exhibit phenomenal skills which will push the acoustic guitar into new areas, Antoine always leans towards playing music. Tommy’s playing on this is exceptional

Click Here for more Antoine Dufour on Six String


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Peppino D’Agostino Youtube

Peppino D’Agostiino is a tremendous acoustic guitar player who I first heard in the 1980’s playing open tuned guitar (think DADGAD etc) .  This youtube acoustic video is of Peppino performing live at the International Guitar Night Concert, which is also available on DVD.

For more information about Peppino and the other players such as Brian Gore check out International Guitar Night


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John Martyn Youtube May You Never

Anyone who was alive and listening to acoustic music in the 1970’s would be aware of John Martyn, a great acoustic guitarist who played open tunings, a brilliant song writer  and beautiful singer.  He recorded a series of albums, the most famous being Solid Air.  The tune Solid Air as about Nick Drake.  The band America recorded his tune Head and Heart and Eric Clapton did May You Never.  Sadly John passed on earlier this year, but he left a great legacy, his music will live on.

For more John Martyn check out John Martyn

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