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Joao Gilberto Youtube

Here’s a Youtube of the great Brazilian guitar player called Joao Gilberto, famous from the sixties for his work with Astrid Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim (also named Tom Jobim). ¬†This the classic song Girl from Ipanema, a tune that has been ruined by many ūüôā , but when played well it is a masterpiece. Like any tune, it’s what you do with it that counts. ¬†This recording was made 40 years after the original.

For more beautiful guitar, check out Paco De Lucia

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Paco De Lucia Youtube Flamenco

Here’s a very interesting video of the great flamenco guitar player Paco de Lucia.¬† The tune is called Solea.¬† As many would realise, Paco is a very adventurous guitar playr that has explored other areas of music apart from flamenco guitar, he toured extensively with the great jazz rock guitar players John McLaughlin and Al Di Meola.¬† I was fortunate enough to see the three of those incredible legends live in concert, also on the samne night Steve Morse joined them on stage for a number of tunes.

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Asa Youtube – Fire on the Mountain

Here’s a very interesting tune by the Nigerian singer that is now making a name for herself in Europe. ¬† Asa was born in France of Nigerian heritage, she returned to Nigeria at two but later returned to France. ¬†Her music is a mix of Reggae, R & B, pop and African. ¬†What separates her out from many of the other singers is her usage of a nylon string for rhythm playing. ¬†Her self titled album is excellent. ¬†This song, Fire on the Mountain is quite a sttement. ¬†I aknowledge to speak up about issues that are important to her and others.

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Tim Sparks Youtube – Acoustic Guitar

Tim Sparks is a great fingerstyle acoustic guitar player. ¬†If you asked me who were the top ten acoustic fingerstyle players that I like, Tim Sparks would be on my list. ¬†I particularly like the album One String Leads to Another. ¬†Tim often ventures of into music of other cultures as well. ¬†The album At the Rebbe’s Table, he applies his brilliant guitar arranging skills to a whole lot of Jewish folk songs. ¬†He can also play very nice blues guitar. On this Acoustic Guitar Youtube, Tim Sparks is playing a nylon string. ¬†The song is called Samiotisa.

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Badi Assad Youtube Harmonics Lesson

Badi Assad is a very brilliant contemporary classical guitar player from Brazil, she is sister of the famous Assad brothers.  In this Youtube Video she is demonstrating how to play harmonics. Also at one point she starts singinging as well, it reminds of a tune by the legendary Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento.

Brilliant, musical and educational at the same time.

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Sting Youtube Fragile Acoustic Guitar

A great guitar teacher of mine said to me about 35 years ago that every guitar player at some point falls in love with the nylon string guitar.  Although I like to hear straight classical well played, I really like to listen to players playing nlon string in another musical style.  The nylon string always sounds so full.  You may have heard this video youtube of Sting playing Fragile, maybe not but the interaction of the two guitars together is worth a close listen, I saw it some years ago on tele and to this day it still rings in my mind.   The other guitar player is Dominic Miller.   Do yourself a favour, try and play the guitar part and sing against it.

PLEASE NOTE:  The original video has been removed.  It was really quite brilliant but due to a copyright issue, the embedding feature has been turned off at youtube.

There was No intentional breach by the site, it is strictly a youtube issue. It is very unfortunate because the educational value of seeing a live performance cannot be over estimated.  Also the marketing value as well, I have no doubt that this version of the song would encourage listeners and guitar players alike to  appreciate the musicianship that was displayed.  If it ever becomes available again I will post it immediately.

There is a standard version of the song at the follwing url Sting Fragile.  This version lacks the beauty of the other one.

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LaPatrie Classical Nylon String Guitars – Murwillumbah Music

The La Patrie nylon string guitars have become very popular lately, I’m not surprised either, value per dollar they are possible the best I’ve seen around.¬†¬†

For those Australians that have been waiting a while to get their hands on one because of limited availability, I was in Murwillumbah Music (ph 0266-725404) today in the Northern Rivers, just south of Tweed Heads and the Gold Coast, and North of Byron Bay, I noticed a couple in there.¬† I’d get one for my son but he’s taken to one of my steel string acoustics, so he’s going to have to wait.

The La Patrie guitars are Canadian, I’m still trying to sort out why they are so cheap.¬† And no I can’t sell you one but regardless of that, it’s important for people to be aware of what is out there, and as the role of this guitar blog site is to upgrade the standard and bring an awareness, I ,thought it would be nice to post briefly about them.

La Patrie Nylon String Guitars
La Patrie Nylon String Guitars