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United Breaks Guitars Part 3 – the Trilogy Ends

Most guitar players will be familiar with the Youtubes that went viral for Dave Carroll the Canadian guitar player that had a guitar smashed by United airlines , was so annoyed that he wrote a song.. .and lots and lots of guitar players were very supportive.  Well, here’s pat 3.

The latest news article about United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll’s Site

Here’s info about part 2 United Breaks Guitars


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Voodoo Chile Youtube Acoustic Guitar – Tony Hogan

Voodoo Chile on Acoustic Guitar by Jimi Hendrix, played by Tony Hogan.

For a couple of years I’ve promoted a few hundred other guitar players on my Acoustic Guitar blog sites of all different standards and styles, some famous and some unknown. So I thought it was time to show something of myself, as I am not an online music journalist or promoter, I am someone who loves the guitar and am also a musician who likes to share information about the acoustic guitar.  I also added John Martyn’s “Don’t Want to Know About Evil” at the end of it.

This recording was done in a small hall with about 100 people in Northern NSW Australia, not far from Byron Bay. I had barely sung for ten years due to the death of my oldest son Joshua because I felt extremely vulnerable at the idea of performing and singing. So I thought it fitting to play this song Voodoo Chile for him and also the many other Australian teenagers who suicide each year. I hope that all the young people out there can have happy healthy lives and we can help create a safe environment for them to grow into beautiful adult human beings.

Peace and good wishes to all


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Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Robinson Youtube

Every now and then I think it’s important to introduce visitors to this site to acoustic guitar players that they are probably not aware of. Recently I got an email from a player  by the name of Jimmy Robinson who said to check out what he was doing, so I did, and I loved his playing.  His choice of notes and chords on guitar is quite extraordinary,  and  also what surprised also was the texture of his voice, how nicely it sat against his guitar.   In some of his other material I was hearing snippets of Robbie Basho, there’s a little Hedges in there two and mabe some Bruce Cockburn and at the same time a uniqueness. Jimmy is from New Orleans.   I’m grateful for the email and more than happy to share his music with you.

Here’s Jimmy’s website, check him out Jimmy Robinson Site


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Taylor Guitars Youtube for Safe Guitar When Flying

Taylor Guitars has created a Youtube response for safe travel for guitars after a Taylor Guitar was damaged in transit

To see the song written about the broken guitar go to Anti Airline Song


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Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Dies – Greatest Sarod Player Youtube

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

It is with great sadnes I received the news that one of thw orlds greatest musicians has died.  Ali Akbar Khan the great Indian Sarod player died on the 18th of June.  The great violinist Yehudi Menhuin once said “Ali Akbar Khan is the worlds greatest musician” .  John McLaughlin studied with him.  I studied with a student of Ali’s by the name of Ashok Roy.  This line of Indian music runs back to Tansen the great court musician of Akbar the Great.

News article about Ali’s passing.

Ali Akbar Khan College of Music

Quote from Collge website, “Our most beloved Khansahib passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family on Thursday evening.  Khansahib had been a dialysis patient since 2004, and had been enduring numerous health issues ever since.  The great Maestro had continued his music teachings publically at the Ali Akbar College until just weeks ago, and continued to teach music at home until the day he died.”

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Acoustic Guitar Blogger Interview

Recently I had contact with one of the other guitar sites and they asked me to do an interview as part of their Guitar Hero series, not the virtual Guitar Hero, but one’s that have spent their lives fine tuning their skills.   I very much appreciate being part of their series because I understand that there is more to developing as a Guitar Player and there are hidden areas of the Guitar World which are often bypassed

To read the interview go to Guitar Hero


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Richard Wright from Pink Floyd Dies


Richard Wright one of the founding members of Pink Floyd has passed away.  Richard was a keyboard player and although this blog site is dedicated to Acoustic guitar, Richard Wright’s contribution to contemporary music needs to be acknowledged.  Thankyou Richard for your contribution to one of the greatest bands of all time.

For more information:

Pink Floyd Richard Wright
Pink Floyd Richard Wright

May he Rest in Music

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