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Donovan Youtube – Catch the Wind

Here’s two versions of Donovan doing Catch the Wind, the first very Dylanish

And the second after a make over with a late 60’s filter on it 🙂

I think that in this one, Donovan is closer to finding his own music.

Both are very good, I’m not sure which one I prefer.

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John Sebastian Youtube – Younger Generation

Anyone that remembers Woodstock or was in a semi conscious state at the time would probably recall John Sebastian.  He did the tune called I had a Dream,  So here’s a little bit of history, the song is Younger Generation…. and look out for the fence.   And I wonder who that kid was who was born at Woodstock

For more interesting sixties acoustic music check out Scott McKenzie


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Bob Dylan Youtube – Mr Tamborine Man

A week or so back I was standing in sa book shop in Byron Bay and this song came on and I was dumb-struck for a few minutes, I couldn’t leave until it was over.  Bob Dylan with his signature harp sound and 12 fret to the body parlor guitar.  I am not sure if it has the same affect on people that never grew up with this song.  It’s beauitiful in itsrawness, what I like is the story telling lyric which pulls you in.   It’s another few chord wonder.


For another great old video check out Led Zeppelin Acoustic


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