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Acoustic Guitar – Twelve Bar Blues Riff

This weeks post is a twelve bar Blues in G, it’s reasonably simple and can be played at various tempos.  I have posted it in the past but have now made it available to a broader audience by re-uploading it so it can be accessed more easily, also I have changed the formatting a litlle so it sits nicer on the page.  There are a couple of twists in it,  one at he end of bar 8 so it can move chromatically to the D note in bar 9.  Also at bar 10 it stays on the D chord instead of dropping to the C chord and in the final bar, be ready to play the last four notes or you’ll miss them.

You could do this in a Rockabilly, Country Rock,  Bluegrass or slow Blues style.  It is just a foundation riff to build on.

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Rockabilly Blues Riff for Guitar in G

Blues Rockabilly Riff, I wrote this a few minutes ago.  I was thinking a little about Flatt and Scruggs the great Bluegrass players and I picked up the nearest guitar that I could find, which happened to be my semi-acoustic Ibanez 105N, pictured below.

Ibanez Artcore 105N

I was going to write a Bluegrass type of tune and the following came out instead, it’s sort of a rockabilly riff I guess, a litle like ‘Your Mamma Don’t Dance’ by Loggins and Messina.  It’s what I call a ‘Three Chord Wonder’, a tune with three chords only but a valid piece of music. 

You could play it slow, fast, Electric, Acoustic, Swing…whatever. So long as it is IN TIME.  Start slow and gradually get your speed up.  So many players are in a hurry to play fast, it’ll come.
Blues Rockabilly Riff in G for Guitar
To download the printable pdf file click the link g_blues_rock_riff




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