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Playing Acoustic Guitar in the Nude

Totally Uncovered Guitar Article

As a rule,  I’m not one of those whinging bloggers who complains about everything; even if there isn’t a problem, some writers have mastered the  art  of “Thankyou and Have a Bad Day”.  

I sat for a while this morning and watched a handful of Music Videos of a number of very stoned musicians (and they don’t do it as well as the reggae guys like what you’d see at my Reggae Blog), and there were lots of young women in their undies.  Ok whinge whinge, it’s all been said before, so I’m not going down that track.   And I’m not a prude or anything, beauty is beauty and credit where it’s due.   “Hey that’s a beautiful 1934 Martin guitar that Brazilian babe has strapped around her neck… ”  yeah, that’s meaningful.  Well there are some great women guitar players out there that you need to hear about.

 I’m starting to now look at the ways that  guitar players contribute to the community, so I’ve decided to do a series of posts about a number of specific guitar players.  I’ll also be putting out to the global community about the role of mentoring through music . In the societies we are in now there is not a lot going on relating to Rites of Passage for our Youth. The image portrayed commercially about guitar is not  about music but is about how cool you can look.  But as I’ve said many times in my articles, MUSIC IS ABOUT EMOTIONS.

So this article is a forerunner about what is coming, and the articles I write now will be working in conjunction with many of the great players and players that I KNOW are great but need greater exposure.

The Internet is full of Online Guitar Lessons,  and people that don’t even know anything about guitar, they are  flogging Guitar Lessons and making money out of it.  

It’s tme for the musicians to claim back music.  

Tony Hogan


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