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Bert Jansch Youtube

I only just got the news that the wonderful British Folk Guitar player Bert Jansch has gone to the big gig in the sky.

Kind thoughts to Friends and Family

More Bert Jansch  Youtube 


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Emily and the Woods – Never Play Youtube

There are many acoustic guitar players who just want to play and sing and not necessarily play like virtuosos Vicente Amigo,  Pierre Bensusan, or Michael Hedges.  So I thought I’d do a number of short acoustic guitar articles / posts on some of the new singer guitarists who play material which sound  musical and is based around simple chord patterns.  The following tune is by Emily and the Woods called Never Play

Emily Woods on Myspace

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Doc Watson Youtube Acoustic Guitar

This youtube video is of Doc Watson playing his Gallagher guitar complete with banjo player.  The tune is the Cuckoo a traditional folk song.  Its one of the most haunting songs I’ve ever heard.

For more Doc Watson, check out Deep River Blues


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Al Petteway Youtube Land of the Sky

Here’s a guitar lesson by Grammy Award Winning  acoustic guitar player Al Petteway

This is a very musical sounding piece of music with elements of Celtic,  Folk  and Country.  Even hints of Doc Watson.  Extremely mesmerizing by the end of the une.

For more great acoustic guitar check out Antoine Dufour Acoustic Guitar

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John Sebastian Youtube – Younger Generation

Anyone that remembers Woodstock or was in a semi conscious state at the time would probably recall John Sebastian.  He did the tune called I had a Dream,  So here’s a little bit of history, the song is Younger Generation…. and look out for the fence.   And I wonder who that kid was who was born at Woodstock

For more interesting sixties acoustic music check out Scott McKenzie


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Ian Anderson Jethro Tull Youtube

In the early seventies Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was voted in a survey the man that mothers would least like their daughters to hgo out with.  Obviously at that time they were not aware of the beautiful antique parlor guitar collection that he would one day have.  Although many people know Ian Anderson as a flute player and Martin Barre as the guitarist of Tull, Ian’s acoustic guitar playing has had an impact on a lot of players. Although simple in style it is always very musical.  In this youtube video clip Ian does the classic song Wondering Aloud which was originally on the Aqualung album. In this case the line up is a small ensemble. I all those mums saw it today, they’d  probably say “How nice!”

Check Out John Martyn Acoustic Guitar Bless the Weather


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John Martyn Youtube May You Never

Anyone who was alive and listening to acoustic music in the 1970’s would be aware of John Martyn, a great acoustic guitarist who played open tunings, a brilliant song writer  and beautiful singer.  He recorded a series of albums, the most famous being Solid Air.  The tune Solid Air as about Nick Drake.  The band America recorded his tune Head and Heart and Eric Clapton did May You Never.  Sadly John passed on earlier this year, but he left a great legacy, his music will live on.

For more John Martyn check out John Martyn

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