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Voodoo Chile Acoustic Guitar Tutorial

Here is a simple and sensible Youtube Video Tutorial of an acoustic version of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile

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Rory Gallagher Youtube Acoustic Slide Guitar

Rory Gallagher ( 1948 – 1995) was an Irish guitar player who became  popular in the late sixties, while playing with his trio Taste, he went on to have greater success in the seventies and was named Musician of the year in 1972 by Melody Maker mag (ahead of Eric Clapton).  He was much loved for his electric blues playing on a Stratocaster.  He continued playing and touring  until his death in 1995.

In this Acoustic Slide Guitar Video on Youtube, Rory is playing the Blues classic, Can’t Be Satisfied.

Information about Rory go to Wikipedia Rory Gallagher

For other great Slide Guitar, check out Jerry Douglas

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Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Guitar Lesson

You’ll love this.  Tommy Emmanuel a giving an Acoustic Blues Guitar lesson in the key of E,  it’s called Stevie’s Blues, as in Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Please note: Since I first posted this article, unfortunately it has been removed because the original resource was breaching copyright. I was not aware of this when I posted, apologies t the publisher. I have decided to post an electric version of the tune.

The chord which he says he’s not overly sure of the name, I’d call a  C13, however the Root not is not included, it’s implied.  You might also call it an Em11b5 (flat 5) chord.  Regardless of what you’d like to call it, it works, the notes are E, B Flat, D, A, all of which come out of a an E Blues scale.

For more quality material, visit the Homepage of this site or my other Acoustic Guitar Site


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How to Improvise on Guitar – Part 2 of 6


Try the following tutorial,  add something new every day and you’ll feel better about your guitar playing.

A Blues for Guitar

A Blues for Guitar

Here is my second post in the series of How to Improvise on Guitar.  Although it is designed for players who can already play a little, you don’t have to necessarily be able to read music notation to be able to work through it.  Basic Guitar TAB reading skills are enough to get you through.  

What I have done is written a reasonably simple improvisation on how to solo over a basic blues in in A, it’s a standard twelve bar blues sequence.   Play it slowly at an even pace.  The phrasing of the improvisation is not really set in stone, so long as you are in time with yourself and change to the next chord on the beat.  But, if you really want to get a lot out of this, playe really really slow with feeling.  I have intentionally NOT played a straight blues scale, what I have written is more around the chords, although you’ll notice immediately that I have used a blues scale in A.  The last two bars are a classic Blues turnaround.  Even if you only took one thing from this article, at least take the turnaround and add it to your toolkit.

To download the printable version of the TAB and Notation in this article click  A_Blues for Guitar

Do you want some Blues Scales for Guitar, Clck on the link Blues Scales


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Mississipi John Hurt Youtube – Blues

Mississipi John Hurt is a Blues and Country Blues Legend.   The youtube guitar video tune is called You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley.   Notice his alternating bass notes

If you want some very cool country blues guitar scales that work beautiful to improvise over those sort of tunes, see my article  that includes the Guitar TAB and Musical Notation at the following link Country Blues Guitar Scales

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Keb Mo Youtube Blues Guitar

Keb Mo has become very popular amongst a lot of blues, folk and acoustic roots enthusiasts.  What I like about Keb Mo is he can comfortably play across styles, I’ve also heard him do electric playing that remindered me of Benson at times. This youtube video has him playing the standard Folsom Prison on a resonator guitar with a little slide here and there.  It’s worth listening to him to hear his voice and the texture of his guitar.   Thie first video is more of a production video, the second one has him playing solo acoustic guitar and has him doing a solo spot with acoustic and voice.  If he’s new to you, you’re in for a treat.

Folsom Prison Blues

Dangerous Mood

And to see and hear hear Lightning Hopkins go to the following link:


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Keith Richards Youtube Video Satisfaction Blues

This Keith Richards Youtube video is very short but will be of great interest to a lot of guitar players because he does a simple disection of the song Satisfaction, as in I can’t get no Satisfaction, the tune that the Rolling Stones made very famous.  In this video he explains how it is really just a Blues. 

If you wish to see Keith (Keef) Richards playing an acoustic Blues in A, check it out,  it was in an article I wrote the other week, worth a look, in fact fascinating because you’ll get to see anothrer side of theStones Guitarist that you’ve never seen. Keith Richards Youtube


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