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Tommy Emmanuel Youtube Guitar Lesson

You’ll love this.  Tommy Emmanuel a giving an Acoustic Blues Guitar lesson in the key of E,  it’s called Stevie’s Blues, as in Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Please note: Since I first posted this article, unfortunately it has been removed because the original resource was breaching copyright. I was not aware of this when I posted, apologies t the publisher. I have decided to post an electric version of the tune.

The chord which he says he’s not overly sure of the name, I’d call a  C13, however the Root not is not included, it’s implied.  You might also call it an Em11b5 (flat 5) chord.  Regardless of what you’d like to call it, it works, the notes are E, B Flat, D, A, all of which come out of a an E Blues scale.

For more quality material, visit the Homepage of this site or my other Acoustic Guitar Site

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Mississipi John Hurt Youtube – Blues

Mississipi John Hurt is a Blues and Country Blues Legend.   The youtube guitar video tune is called You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley.   Notice his alternating bass notes

If you want some very cool country blues guitar scales that work beautiful to improvise over those sort of tunes, see my article  that includes the Guitar TAB and Musical Notation at the following link Country Blues Guitar Scales

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Keith Richards Youtube Video Satisfaction Blues

This Keith Richards Youtube video is very short but will be of great interest to a lot of guitar players because he does a simple disection of the song Satisfaction, as in I can’t get no Satisfaction, the tune that the Rolling Stones made very famous.  In this video he explains how it is really just a Blues. 

If you wish to see Keith (Keef) Richards playing an acoustic Blues in A, check it out,  it was in an article I wrote the other week, worth a look, in fact fascinating because you’ll get to see anothrer side of theStones Guitarist that you’ve never seen. Keith Richards Youtube

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Laurence Juber Youtube – Acoustic Blues Guitar

If you like Acoustic Blues, I’d recommend that you check out this Laurence Juber Youtube Video.  It’s rather soulful.  You may or may not know Laurence Juber.  He has a member of Paul McCartney’s Wings.   One very iinteresting thing about his style is he plays fingerstyle with no nails.   He is very well respected amongst agoustic guitar players and held in very high regard, I’m not surprised.  Unfotrtunately I am not sure who the double bass player my apologies on this matter as it is nce to respect the contribution of all players.  

Here is a link to Laurence Jubers site.

For some other Blues Guitar check out Stefan Grossman playing an acoustic blues tutorial

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Grateful Dead Youtube – Acoustic Blues Guitar

Many people may remember the Grateful Dead and the legendary Jerry Garcia, this youtube video features the Dead Guitarists playing acoustic blues guitar, it’s from the early eighties.  The Dead are big part of musical history.  This acousticblues has a bit of  Country Blues feel.

If you like Jerry Garcia, I have also posted about a youtube of Jerry and David Grisman the brilliant mandolin player doing B B King’s The Thrill is Gone.  Click Jerry Garcia – David Grisman link to see.

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D Blues for Guitar

D Blues for Guitar.  If you look at the simple Blues I’ve created you’ll notice I’ve only used Triads (3 note chords) . About 25 years ago, the great British jazz guitarist Ike Isaacs that I studied with recommended that I use then when playing accompaniment, when I took on his advice my chord playing suddenly opened.  The idea is, it is much easier to move 3 finger chorss around than full chords.  Also it creates a lot of space for the other players.  It is possible to get almost the same effect just 2 note chords, I’ll post an article about that at some point in the future.
The blues below has a simple intro, play at a slow tempo.  Note how at different points I move a semi-tone (one fret) lower or higher to create an effect.
If you are not used to playing this style, take your time with it, it is a very useful way of playing.
D 12 Bar Blues for Guitar
D 12 Bar Blues for Guitar
To download the printable 12 bar blues in D click the link:


I recently wrote an article on HOw Chords Are Made, go to:
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Blues Chords for Blues Guitar Scales

In my previous article about Blues Scales for Guitar I listed five essential blues scales.

The basic Blues Chords to use witrh these scales are:

C Blues = C7, F7, G7 (Please note you could also just use C7 F and G)

G Blues= G7, C7, D7 (Please note you could also just use G7 C and D)

D Blues = D7, G7, A7 (Please note you could also just use D7 G and A)

A Blues = A7, D7, E7 (Please note you could also just use A7 D and E)

E Blues = E7, A7, B7 (Please note you could also just use E7 A and B)

Experienced players would realise that there are many other possible chord patterns that could be used, this article is designed to help players that are new to playing blues and the idea is to keep it reasonably simple.

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Blues Scales – Learn Guitar – TAB and Dots

Have you ever been frustrated when people are playing a Blues and you’re not sure what scales and notes you can use to solo with?

Suffer no longer.

If you’ve been playing guitar for sometime, and don’t know these simple blues scales, I advise that you get stuck into them straight away.  I’ve done the basic blues scales in five keys: C , G, D, A, and E.  The fingers I’ve used are on one of many possibilities.  If you are new to my site and have played blues scales before, you’ll notice I’ve used some unusual fingerings, this IS intentional.  As a rule guitarists get lazy and sit and meander through scales, running fingers up and down the neck with out too much thought, that way of doing things has little to do with music and a lot to do with mechanics…I can’t stand it.  These fingers are designed to make you think and feel the notes.  Avoid playing like a robot.  you’ll notice that the D scale is moveable, it’s more in the traditional way of playing scales and if you aren’t careful you may find yourself not thinking too much about this one. 

Concentrate, turn of the television, listen to the texture of the notes.  I particularly like the use of open notes in scales, they are tremendous on acoustic guitar.


Blues Scales - Learn Guitar

Click the blue link for the Printable Version of essential blues scales for guitar

For Country Blues Scales that are usable over thousands of songs go to:

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Rockabilly Blues Riff for Guitar in G

Blues Rockabilly Riff, I wrote this a few minutes ago.  I was thinking a little about Flatt and Scruggs the great Bluegrass players and I picked up the nearest guitar that I could find, which happened to be my semi-acoustic Ibanez 105N, pictured below.

Ibanez Artcore 105N

I was going to write a Bluegrass type of tune and the following came out instead, it’s sort of a rockabilly riff I guess, a litle like ‘Your Mamma Don’t Dance’ by Loggins and Messina.  It’s what I call a ‘Three Chord Wonder’, a tune with three chords only but a valid piece of music. 

You could play it slow, fast, Electric, Acoustic, Swing…whatever. So long as it is IN TIME.  Start slow and gradually get your speed up.  So many players are in a hurry to play fast, it’ll come.
Blues Rockabilly Riff in G for Guitar
To download the printable pdf file click the link g_blues_rock_riff



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Acoustic 12 Bar Blues Guitar

Acoustic Twelve Bar Blues in A is a simple guitar lesson I wrote tonight.  It’s called the Daily Lama Blues, please excuse my play on words, it just seemed topical.  It’s a basic twelve bar chord pattern that you could play with a pick or fingerstyle.  Yesterday I posted about a Keith Richard (from the Rolling Stones) acoustic blues and it inspired me to write a Blues Guitar tune that could easily be built upon and turned into a piece of music that would easily stand up as a tune in any blues repertoire.  Like everything I do on my sites, it is copyrighted by default. 

This blues should be played at a slow pace. You could use a straight sort of A minor Blues scale but if you want something more interesting, have a look through this guitar blog site or my other one at and you’ll find things that will get you out of those boring old patterns.

Here  is the TAB and Guitar Music Notation

Guitar Blues in A

To download the printable Guitar Blues Arrangement in the Key of A in TAB and Music Notation click the link





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Acoustic Blues Guitar – youTube Stefan Grossman

You may be familiar with Stefan Grossman from the many guitar instruction videos and books.  One of my all time favourite guitar albums is called Thunder on the Run and I particularly like Stefan Grossman and John Renbourn playing duets together.  Stefan has also done brilliant work with Duck Baker.

Apart from being a guitar historian and teacher, Stefan is a magnificent guitar player who gets a beautiful tone from his instrument, Franklin guitar.

In this Tutorial stefan is showing how to play a simple blues in E.  There are many musical cliches in this but the way they are executed is what seperates Stefan out from the bunch.

Note how he uses the repeatative alternating bass part, also take a close look at the outro and how hie finishes on the E7#9 chord.