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Preston Reed – Youtube Video

Here’s an interesting video by acoustic guitar virtuoso Preston Reed, the tune is called Tractor Pull. It includes hammer ons, pull offs, artificial harmonics and tapping.  this will be of great interest to acoustic guitar enthusiasts that like players such as Andy Mcgee, Don Ross and Michael Hedges.

To check out Preston Reed’s site go to Preston Reed


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6 thoughts on “Preston Reed – Youtube Video

  1. Preston Reed:Tractor Pull video is very nice.I enjoyed a lot. This the first time I heard this type of Playing. thanking.

  2. I’m going to have to agree with Nick on this one. This is really powerful playing. Every nuance drives me crazy. To make those hammer ons and pull offs sound so naturally, wow! Keep these videos coming, Tony, I’m discovering brilliant things on here!

    “From the album Handwritten Notes” – You don’t say? Haha


  3. Hey Tony, thanks for your help the other, as you can hopefully see, I managed to make my way through the maze and work it all out. Worth a small conversation one day. Cheers

  4. There’s a great groove to this but, for me, it gets old after a short while. I would have liked more variations on the theme or a real bridge.
    And now to sound like a real kiljoy: I think Andy spells his last name McKee not McGee

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