Vicente Amigo Flamenco Guitar Video Youtube

As steel string acoustic guitar players, it’s good to get inspired by other musicians, particularly Nylon String guitarists.  There is none better these days than Vicente Amigo the Flamenco player.   Check out how good this guy is, apart from being a brilliant technician, he plays with phenomenal passion.  Here is a performance with vocals and percussion

To check out more Vicente go to Vicente Amigo Video




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4 responses to “Vicente Amigo Flamenco Guitar Video Youtube

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  3. Wow! As you may know, I am holding auditions for solo guitarists …. see my “Casey Jones” and “Time for Me to Fly” videos (But in all seriousness, can you give Vicente my phone number?). Great stuff!

  4. Thank you for sharing this, I hadn’t heard of Vicente Amigo before now but I shall definitely be listening to a lot more of him in the future, very talented guy.

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