Antoine Dufour Acoustic Guitar Youtube 2010

Here is a recent Antoine Dufour acoustic  Youtube video recording.  The tune is called To Run a Dream and is from the album Convergences

For more Anoine Dufour check out Antoine Dufour Video



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5 responses to “Antoine Dufour Acoustic Guitar Youtube 2010

  1. This guy is sick!!! in the best possible kind of way!!!

  2. jayanth

    Hi!Tony Sir, I really enjoyed with “Antoine Defour”Vedio. Nice Lesson. Thank you for having given me this opportunity.

  3. jayanth kumar ogirala

    “To Run In A Dream” Antoine Dufour! I really enjoyed I learnt something special in the video.
    He is a melodious and sweet. thank you, Jayanth.

  4. He´s sound is unique and progressive. We were realy glad to be able to interview him at a concert.

    He´s a nice guy, too..
    Check it out:
    Interview with Antoine Dufour

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