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Guitar Player Youtube Bruce Cockburn

Bruce Cockburn is a player I have been listening to since the mid seventies, he’s a magnificent acoustic guitar player from Canada.   In this short youtube video there is a sample of his playing and also discussions about his approach.

For more Bruce Cockburn check out his playing with a great Mali musician Bruce Cockburn

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5 thoughts on “Guitar Player Youtube Bruce Cockburn

  1. Lovely playing but there is a danger that one can become, as Mr Browne put it, “a guitarists guitarist”.

    Whilst guitarists like us (we are all guitarists aren’t we?) lap this kind of thing up, it can leave many cold.

    I bloody love it myself but Mrs Nick would get bored after a while.

    Do you see?

  2. “Brother Jim (Morrison)”, by Helio Rocha – brazilian rock on Myspace
    Hi ,
    My name is Helio Rocha and I`m rock a singer, guitarrist and songwritter from Bahia, Brazil. I’m releasing my new virtual single: “Brother Jim (Morrison)”. So, if you want to check different sounds, from different places in this virtual world, stop by, listen to the songs, see the pictures and maybe leave a comment on the friends page (Don`t tell me you`re one of those who think that here in Brazil we`ve only got samba, futebol, mulatas nad Carnaval!) . That`s much more to know… and if you like what you hear, pass the word around. If not, send the link to your landlord! That`s allright!
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    All the best luck in the world for you!
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  3. Been listening to (and following the career of) Bruck Cockburn since the early 70s when I heard his music in the indy film Goin Down The Road. I’ve come to realize that Bruce’s major talent lies in his ability to move on and chart new waters, new styles and new mountains to climb. Maybe the best compliment we can give him is that he’s a heck of a climber!
    By the way, Bruce also introduced the world to J. P. Larivee guitars. Another huge Canadian talent.

    Glen Parker
    Nova Scotia

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