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Donovan Youtube – Catch the Wind

Here’s two versions of Donovan doing Catch the Wind, the first very Dylanish

And the second after a make over with a late 60’s filter on it 🙂

I think that in this one, Donovan is closer to finding his own music.

Both are very good, I’m not sure which one I prefer.

For more interesting videos, check out Led Zeppelin Acoustic


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John Butler Youtube Zebra

With the great success of the new John Butler Trio Album (Review) , I thought it would be a good idea to poat about his old tune called Zebra,  the tune that first put him on the musical map commercially.  One thing about John Butler’s music that sets him apart from many other players his his ability to appeal to the alternative rock audiebces as well as the commercial market and the roots and blues audience.  His concerts are currently selling out pretty fast in Europe.

John Butler Apil Uprising Album Review


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