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Vicente Amigo Youtube Flamenco Guitar

Every now and then I encounter a guitar player who blows my brain apart, one such player is Vicente Amigo a flamenco player from Spain.  Thankyou to Peter Miller for introducing me to this music.   If you haven’t heard this guy, you are in for a treat.

Here is Vicente’s web site (How’s your Spanish?) and also Wikipedia information Vicente Amigo



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Eric Clapton Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Sunshine of Your Love

Recently I’ve been looking at the idea of playing a Blues version of Sunshine of Your Love the classic Cream song.  I had a look around to see whether anyone had done anything musical and interesting with the tune.  Amongst what I found was Eric Clapton doing an acoustic version and I thought it would be of interest to readers.  He hasn’t moved too far from the original but I must say it is a lot better than what I’ve heard in the music shops for the last 40 years.

Also of Note, the new John Butler Trio album will be out next week or so, I’ll be listening to it today and doing a review in the next day or so.


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John Butler Youtube Tutorial – One Way Road

Acoustic Guitar Tutorial of How to Play John Butler’s – One Way Road.

It’s played on a National guitar on his lap, it is in G Major tuning DGDGBD and he uses a slide, with a mix of strumming and harmonics.   This is a fantastic tutorial, complete with lounge chair

The right hand is finger picked and at a quick glance the underlying structure of the chords is  G D E5 C, in the mid section it has sort of  an a Am and Bm type of sound to it, the chords aren’t necessarily all played but are implied..  There’s some great riffs in it that are built around a G pentatonic scale with a little bit of a Bluegrass texture to it.

Here’s a link to the One Way Road tutorial in a larger size video John Butler One Way Road

Also note that new John Butler Album will be out very soon.


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United Breaks Guitars Part 3 – the Trilogy Ends

Most guitar players will be familiar with the Youtubes that went viral for Dave Carroll the Canadian guitar player that had a guitar smashed by United airlines , was so annoyed that he wrote a song.. .and lots and lots of guitar players were very supportive.  Well, here’s pat 3.

The latest news article about United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll’s Site

Here’s info about part 2 United Breaks Guitars

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