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Voodoo Chile Youtube Acoustic Guitar – Tony Hogan

Voodoo Chile on Acoustic Guitar by Jimi Hendrix, played by Tony Hogan.

For a couple of years I’ve promoted a few hundred other guitar players on my Acoustic Guitar blog sites of all different standards and styles, some famous and some unknown. So I thought it was time to show something of myself, as I am not an online music journalist or promoter, I am someone who loves the guitar and am also a musician who likes to share information about the acoustic guitar.  I also added John Martyn’s “Don’t Want to Know About Evil” at the end of it.

This recording was done in a small hall with about 100 people in Northern NSW Australia, not far from Byron Bay. I had barely sung for ten years due to the death of my oldest son Joshua because I felt extremely vulnerable at the idea of performing and singing. So I thought it fitting to play this song Voodoo Chile for him and also the many other Australian teenagers who suicide each year. I hope that all the young people out there can have happy healthy lives and we can help create a safe environment for them to grow into beautiful adult human beings.

Peace and good wishes to all


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14 thoughts on “Voodoo Chile Youtube Acoustic Guitar – Tony Hogan

  1. That is very sad about your son it must be very hard to get up and perform like this with something like that on your mind. Great performance and great to see the man behind the blog playing!

  2. this is the first time in 5 years that i’ve seen some one other that me playing a breedlove. how do you like it? I love mine. It looks like the same model (AC25/SR PLUS). Nice rendition as well.

    1. Cory, it’s a reasonable guitar, I bought it for live use so my other guitars which are a bit more delicate, won’t get too trashed. I find it a fraction unbalanced in the weight side of things, a bit heavy at the body end. The neck is quite good, it’s an unusual neck but easy to play. I need to get it set up but the guy I was going to get to do it moved a few hundred miles away, and I’m fussy. It has one thing that I find unusual, it’s not noticeable when I plug it in, when I hit a note, there is an overtone which happens a fraction later than when it is played and it is a little loud, very few people I’ve met can hear it, but it’s there, I think it might be because of that little wooden block under the bridge, although I’m not sure. It’s actually a great live guitar through a PA. I’ve gone back to silk and Steel strings, I’ve always preferred them, and I tune down a semi tone because of my voice and me getting older, also it gives a different texture. Although I have a few preamps, i’ve now started using my TC Electronic Konnect 24 soundcard as my live preamp and then into a TC Electronic M1 Reverb. Obviously it’s impossible to capture the sound and reproduce it on youtube but it sounds very good live. At a gig I did recently, every guitar player there was curious about what gear I was using because it came through very nicely. The PA guy had a Bose PA, one of those odd looking ones with a sub woofer and a tube thing full of speakers. Also, I pull out a lot of middle so the guitar has a little more clarity. I would consider getting a dearer Breedlove but i’d get a Lowden first

      cheers Tony

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I also lost my oldest son and nobody can know what it is like unless they have experienced it. I believe that playing guitar is the only thing that saved me because it is the only time I can escape the pain. Thanks again and keep playing.

  4. So often when we hear a song made famous with the electric guitar, it’s easy to assume that it should only be played that way.

    Videos like this remind us otherwise and open possibilities for acoustic which gives it a whole new flavor.

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