John Sebastian Youtube – Younger Generation

Anyone that remembers Woodstock or was in a semi conscious state at the time would probably recall John Sebastian.  He did the tune called I had a Dream,  So here’s a little bit of history, the song is Younger Generation…. and look out for the fence.   And I wonder who that kid was who was born at Woodstock

For more interesting sixties acoustic music check out Scott McKenzie



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3 responses to “John Sebastian Youtube – Younger Generation

  1. I watched the woodstock DVD for so many times… and every time I watch it again – some tasty feelings appear inside me! Sometimes I think that the sixties were those times when real music was played!

  2. Inspiring! Acoustic is the way to tell a great story and sing a beautiful melody.

    Thanx for the memory.

    Klaus Tol

  3. Thanks for the sharing, I found this article while looking for music, interesting comments and great points made.

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