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John Sebastian Youtube – Younger Generation

Anyone that remembers Woodstock or was in a semi conscious state at the time would probably recall John Sebastian.  He did the tune called I had a Dream,  So here’s a little bit of history, the song is Younger Generation…. and look out for the fence.   And I wonder who that kid was who was born at Woodstock

For more interesting sixties acoustic music check out Scott McKenzie



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Acoustic Guitar Youtube – Vin Downes New CD

It’s always great to discover new acoustic fingerstyle  guitar players.  Recently I came across Vin Downes, and he’s recorded a CD called  “Skies and Openings”

“Skies and Openings” is the first recording by fingerstyle guitarist Vin Downes. It is comprised of eleven original songs with influences of Americana, Blues, Classical, Folk and Jazz. It includes seven solo performances and four pieces with guest musicians Lois Carpenter on bass, Mike Fumento on drums, and Jeffrey Young on violin.

Downes began studying guitar at the age of eleven. His early interests were in electric guitar, but this changed when he heard the music of Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke. He was immediately intrigued with the art of fingerstyle acoustic guitar.

Downes went on to earn a degree in classical guitar performance and music education from William Paterson University. Along the way, he has studied classical composition, Indian tabla, and American roots music, while developing a love for jazz and all improvised music. He has been a public school music teacher for the last 15 years and maintains a private guitar teaching studio.

“Skies and Openings” is the culmination of years spent exploring fingerstyle guitar. It is a mix of styles and moods in a pure acoustic setting.

For more info visit Vin Downes Website

“Skies and Openings” is available at, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Soundclick, and LastFM.

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Jan Akkerman Focus Acoustic Hocus Pocus Youtube

One of my all time electric guitar players (non jazz) is Jan Akkerman from the band Focus.  I saw Focus live in the early seventies and Akkerman’s tone and mastery of the guitar was exceptional.  I was very happy to locate Jan playing Hocus Pocus without the yodel on an acoustic.

here is another video of Akkerman

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