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Guitar Tapping Youtube Video

Justin King has a contemporary approach to acoustic guitar, he includes tapping, hammer ons, harmonics, percussive techniques… all at the same time 🙂  There’s a lot going on here, and many people who are only used to traditional guitar styles are in for a shock.

For other guitar players that use contemporary techniques in a musical way check out Anton Dufour


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5 thoughts on “Guitar Tapping Youtube Video

    1. Thanks Daryl for your comments, very honest and to the point.

      The role of this blog site is to present numerous acoustic guitar players of all styles and various standards to a broader community. I found Justin’s playing to be of great interest
      and many readers will be fascinated by his approach.

      Daryl, we look forward to hearing more of your work and hopefully many people will appreciate what you do, and those that don’t, I’m also hoping that they will be constructive and respectful if there are any criticisms.

      1. Tony, thanks for the thoughtful reply. You make a good point, certainly. I myself am tired of this particular style – the open-tuned whackada-whackada thing – but that doesn’t make it invalid. Nor does it mean I have to take it out on one fellow.

        I’ll keep reading your posts with interest, but may take a more measured tone in responding, if I can manage it.


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