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Ian Anderson Jethro Tull Youtube

In the early seventies Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was voted in a survey the man that mothers would least like their daughters to hgo out with.  Obviously at that time they were not aware of the beautiful antique parlor guitar collection that he would one day have.  Although many people know Ian Anderson as a flute player and Martin Barre as the guitarist of Tull, Ian’s acoustic guitar playing has had an impact on a lot of players. Although simple in style it is always very musical.  In this youtube video clip Ian does the classic song Wondering Aloud which was originally on the Aqualung album. In this case the line up is a small ensemble. I all those mums saw it today, they’d  probably say “How nice!”

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2 thoughts on “Ian Anderson Jethro Tull Youtube

  1. Long time Jethro Tull fan … first time guitar player: Q – Where can I get my hands on dvds musical lessons for Ian Anderson’s acoustic guitar? I really don’t care which songs, anything would be just great! Any suggestion???

    1. Wes,

      I am also a great fan of Tull. I picked up the guitar about 3 1/2 years ago.
      Although I’ve found nothing out there on DVD, ebay has a quite large selection of sheet music. Other sources would be Guitar Pro, a program you can download from the web as well as many Tull songs taught via this application. The other obvious source woud be Youtube.

      Hope that helps.


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