John Renbourn Youtube Celtic Guitar

If you are a guitar player who has lived this long and not heard John Renbourn play acoustic guitar, you have missed one of the great acoustic guitar players of our time.  He was a member of the British folk band Pentangle and has inspired thousands of guitar players for the last 30 years or more.  In this video recording, he is playing the traditional tunes South Wind and Blarney Pilgrim.  Although John’s music often gets categorized as Celtic, he plays music which far surpasses genres.

To hear more John Renbourn with Stefan Grossman, check out Renbourn and Grossman doing a contemporary jazz tune Goodbye Pork Pie Hat



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3 responses to “John Renbourn Youtube Celtic Guitar

  1. Great music! Thanks for this cool blog 🙂

  2. Tony, I really loved this music. Happy Holidays or Happy Summer Season. I keep remembering we are on opposite seasons. Take care. 😀

  3. Jeff Winwood

    What a fantastic find. Beautiful playing from a master of the art. I love the way he effortlessly tweeks the tuning too… So much encapsulated in a few minutes.

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