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Bert Jansch Youtube – Pentangle Guitar Player

Bert Jansch was part of the folk boom in the late sixties in Britain.  He was a member of the band Pentangle, the band that also had the guitar  great John Renbourn.  His style is a little unique, he plays with a slight ‘snap’ to his playing.  When you listen closely, you’ll also hear some of the musical elements that Jimmie Page used in his acoustic playing.  I got to see both Bert and the great late John Martyn in the 1980’s, absolutely awesome experience.  The tune Bert is playing is Black Waterslide.

To check out Jimmy Page on Acoustic guitar, go to Jimmy Page Youtube


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2 thoughts on “Bert Jansch Youtube – Pentangle Guitar Player

  1. I was going thru my vinal a couple of weeks back and came across “Stepping Stones” (Bert Jansch / John Renbourne) which is still in flawless condition (AR Turntable) and, next thing I know – Neil Young is comming to Knoxville, and Bert will be the opening performance – amazing!
    What was even better was the performance (last evening). Bert was astonishing.
    Neil badly needed a sound engineer. Was the distortion part of the act?
    BTW – the Bert Jansch opening hour had perfect acoustics. The landscapes he painted with his fingerboard gave me chills. Transported me to an other time altogether – a delightful departure from the acoustic trends extant. And a nostalgic rush to be sure.

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