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John Renbourn Youtube Celtic Guitar

If you are a guitar player who has lived this long and not heard John Renbourn play acoustic guitar, you have missed one of the great acoustic guitar players of our time.  He was a member of the British folk band Pentangle and has inspired thousands of guitar players for the last 30 years or more.  In this video recording, he is playing the traditional tunes South Wind and Blarney Pilgrim.  Although John’s music often gets categorized as Celtic, he plays music which far surpasses genres.

To hear more John Renbourn with Stefan Grossman, check out Renbourn and Grossman doing a contemporary jazz tune Goodbye Pork Pie Hat



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Bert Jansch Youtube – Pentangle Guitar Player

Bert Jansch was part of the folk boom in the late sixties in Britain.  He was a member of the band Pentangle, the band that also had the guitar  great John Renbourn.  His style is a little unique, he plays with a slight ‘snap’ to his playing.  When you listen closely, you’ll also hear some of the musical elements that Jimmie Page used in his acoustic playing.  I got to see both Bert and the great late John Martyn in the 1980’s, absolutely awesome experience.  The tune Bert is playing is Black Waterslide.

To check out Jimmy Page on Acoustic guitar, go to Jimmy Page Youtube


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Dan Crary Youtube Sally Goodin

Many guitar players like myself are familiar with Dan Crary from when he used to write his column in Guitar Player magazine in the seventies. At that time Guitar Player mag was one of the best educational resources for players, there was not a lot of material easily available like there is these days.  Today we have an abundance of info for guitar players ranging from brilliany and inspiring to ‘what the?’

Dan Crary has a flawless flatpicking technique and he has inspired millions of players across the globe.  This tune is called Sally Goodin (Gooden, Good’n)

For other brilliant guitar, check out Tony Rice

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Antoine Dufour Acoustic Guitar Youtube Video

Over the last few years a number of acoustic guitar players who play open tuned guitar, one of my favourites who are continuing the michael Hedges tradition, is Antoine Dufour.  He seems to be one of the most musical players who do this style.  He manages to place the sound and music first and does not get lost in guitar acrobatics.  The tune is called Mother

For more Antoine go to Antoine Dufour Youtube


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