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Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Robinson Youtube

Every now and then I think it’s important to introduce visitors to this site to acoustic guitar players that they are probably not aware of. Recently I got an email from a player  by the name of Jimmy Robinson who said to check out what he was doing, so I did, and I loved his playing.  His choice of notes and chords on guitar is quite extraordinary,  and  also what surprised also was the texture of his voice, how nicely it sat against his guitar.   In some of his other material I was hearing snippets of Robbie Basho, there’s a little Hedges in there two and mabe some Bruce Cockburn and at the same time a uniqueness. Jimmy is from New Orleans.   I’m grateful for the email and more than happy to share his music with you.

Here’s Jimmy’s website, check him out Jimmy Robinson Site


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5 thoughts on “Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Robinson Youtube

  1. He certainly bends that guitar to his will with the tuning thing whilst playing. Reminds me of Tim Buckley. Not sure why. Could be the raw emotion, chords adding tension to an accomplished but understated human voice. Both in perfect balance. I like it!

  2. Wow he’s a great guitarist I love the chords he’s put in the song just to give it some depth to the song and his voice sings along with the guitar so amazingly

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