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Acoustic Guitar – Antoine Dufour Youtube

Antoine Dufour is one of the new breed of Acoustic Guitar players who play percussively by using techniques such as hammer ons, Guitar Harmonics and open tunings to take his music outside the traditional way of playing.  The difference between Antoine and many of the other players who are attempting this style is on his recordings he focuses on music  and not just flamboyancy.  Michael Hedges, the great (late) American guitar player was one of the founding players in this style on his recordings in the 1980’s.  And these days there are is also Andy McKee and Don Ross who pla in a similar vain.

This tune is called Spiritual Groove.

To hear another Antoine Dufour song, check out Catching the Light



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Australian Idol – Acoustic Guitar Player Damien Leith

Acoustic Guitar Players, singers, bands musicians.  Read the fine print in your recording contracts.  Here’s an example of the guy Damien Leith who won Australian Idol a year or so ago, not realizing what he was getting himself into or basically or getting.  Click the link to read the News Article Damien Leith contract It happens time and time again with musicians thinking they are getting somewhere by signing contracts, only to find out out that what is going to happen is not what they dreamed it was.

Damien Leith

Damien Leith

Damien is not your standard pop dancing puppet, he has a very nice voice and plays good solid acoustic guitar.

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Acoustic Guitar – Jimmy Robinson Youtube

Every now and then I think it’s important to introduce visitors to this site to acoustic guitar players that they are probably not aware of. Recently I got an email from a player  by the name of Jimmy Robinson who said to check out what he was doing, so I did, and I loved his playing.  His choice of notes and chords on guitar is quite extraordinary,  and  also what surprised also was the texture of his voice, how nicely it sat against his guitar.   In some of his other material I was hearing snippets of Robbie Basho, there’s a little Hedges in there two and mabe some Bruce Cockburn and at the same time a uniqueness. Jimmy is from New Orleans.   I’m grateful for the email and more than happy to share his music with you.

Here’s Jimmy’s website, check him out Jimmy Robinson Site


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