Acoustic Guitar – Twelve Bar Blues Riff

This weeks post is a twelve bar Blues in G, it’s reasonably simple and can be played at various tempos.  I have posted it in the past but have now made it available to a broader audience by re-uploading it so it can be accessed more easily, also I have changed the formatting a litlle so it sits nicer on the page.  There are a couple of twists in it,  one at he end of bar 8 so it can move chromatically to the D note in bar 9.  Also at bar 10 it stays on the D chord instead of dropping to the C chord and in the final bar, be ready to play the last four notes or you’ll miss them.

You could do this in a Rockabilly, Country Rock,  Bluegrass or slow Blues style.  It is just a foundation riff to build on.

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  1. Yeah – this can be the basis for material like this:

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