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Doc Watson – Youtube Deep River Blues

Doc Watson is a player who has inspired many acoustic guitar players, and the tune Deep River Blues is one that is part of many acoustic guitarists repertoire.  It’s a great song to build on.  Here’s a Youtube of Doc Watson playing and singing his original version, it’s two and a half minutes of classic Doc complete with guitar break.  It’s one of those songs that when you can play it, it plays automatically.

Here’s another Doc Watson Youtube Video called Black Mountain Rag



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Acoustic Guitar – Twelve Bar Blues Riff

This weeks post is a twelve bar Blues in G, it’s reasonably simple and can be played at various tempos.  I have posted it in the past but have now made it available to a broader audience by re-uploading it so it can be accessed more easily, also I have changed the formatting a litlle so it sits nicer on the page.  There are a couple of twists in it,  one at he end of bar 8 so it can move chromatically to the D note in bar 9.  Also at bar 10 it stays on the D chord instead of dropping to the C chord and in the final bar, be ready to play the last four notes or you’ll miss them.

You could do this in a Rockabilly, Country Rock,  Bluegrass or slow Blues style.  It is just a foundation riff to build on.

For other useful guitar educational material, check out my other site The Guitars Net

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Peter Finger Acoustic Guitar Youtube

Peter Finger is a magnificent acoustic guitar player who I reckon deserves much broader recognition. There are a stack of guitar players out there who are rated very highly and often they are only half the player of guys like Peter. Peter is a European based Guitar Player and if you haven’t heard him maybe it’s time to check him out.  The tune is called Vive La Vie.  This tune reminds me a little of one Pierre Bensusan’s tunes.

Here is another video of Peter Finger at the Guitars dot Net site

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Crosby Stills Nash – Helplessly Hoping – Youtube

It was 1971 when I first heard Crosby Stills and Nash sing Helplessly Hoping.  This youtube video was recorded in the early 90’s.  Crosby Stills and Nash, set the benchmark for all other acoustic guitar bands with vocal harmonies to be measured by.

To hear another Crosby Stills   Nash on Youtube, go to Wasted on the Way

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