Acoustic Guitar Anti Airline Song

Thanks to Steve Gadd for alerting me to this article.   A Canadian guitar player had a favorite Acoustic Guitar damaged by an Airline and he has written a song about it.  To read the article go to Guitarist’s Anti Airline News

As a guitar player, I sympathise with him.  I’ve always had a habit of handing over my guitar and never looking out the window at the terminal.  I was talking to a guitarist recently who owned a handmade Kevin Ryan Acoustic Guitar,  when he opened the case at Los Angeles Airport it had the neck broken off

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6 responses to “Acoustic Guitar Anti Airline Song

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    some acoustic guitar songs ! that’s beautiful easy to play ! chek out !

  4. Wow! I would be so freaking upset if someone broke my guitar! I don’t have that much money as it is so my guitars are my little babies.

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